Other Options

Data Conversion

Hundreds of ResourceMate® customers have had us convert their existing data into ResourceMate® format. The cost ranges from $60 to $240, depending on the complexity and format of your data. If you send us your existing data we can evaluate it and provide you a quote on the conversion cost.

ISBN Retrieval/Batch ISBN Retrieval

With ISBN Retrieval (a paid service to registered users with support), enter the isbn number and click on the ISBN Retrieval button. If you have an internet connection, the Library of Congress and many other sources will be searched. A list of ISBN's can also be processed using the Import Process in the Plus Menu.

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Import from MARC

ResourceMate® Essential Plus, Extended and Premium users can import one or more files containing MARC records. Your book supplier may have given you a MARC database of your items or you may have data that has been exported from another library system in MARC format. You can import this data into ResourceMate®. There are many MARC format variants. Check with us to ensure your MARC records are in a compatible format.

Import from Ascii, Excel, Access

ResourceMate® Essential Plus, Extended and Premium users can import information previously entered in any of these formats.