Thank-you to everyone who has contacted us and given us their feedback about ResourceMate® products and services. Follow the links below for some comments from users by industry

Places of Worship

It (ResourceMate Essential) was worth the investment. It is much quicker and easier to process the books for our Church Library.

Toni Hartholt
Calvary Christian Reformed Church

I always feel confident that when I call someone will be there to answer my questions and help me every step of the way with CHEERFULNESS! I love you guys! I am so pleased with every department and person I work with.

Mechelle Sweeting
Memorial United Methodist Church Library

The Library at the Metropolitan Bible Church in Ottawa has been using ResourceMate for over 10 years. The Library has a collection of over 9,500 items and circulates approximately 285 items per week. When the new software was announced the Library decided that it would purchase the new version (ResourceMate Extended Network) because of the many enhancements.

We started using the new Extended Network version in January of this year. We immediately noticed that the new system was much faster -- actually it is unbelievably faster. The system is more robust, more flexible and more integrated than the previous version. For example, the expanded reserve function gives access to patron information, indicates whether an item is already checked out, sends out reserve notifications and provides sufficient space for comments. It is now much easier and quicker to do renewals. We are pleased with the new product.

Although the product has been enhanced there is one thing that has not changed. The technical support team is excellent and still provides first class service. They do an amazing job in responding to requests for help and will spend as much time on the phone or LiveChat as is needed. I recently used technical support for help in revising a report to include several additional fields and also for help in determining why I could not backup the database. A technical support staff member came to my rescue.

Jaywil has, from the beginning, listened to suggestions from its users and responds positively to requests for changes and suggested improvements.

Carolynn Robertson
Metropolitan Bible Church Library

I just re-opened our library, and everything is running smoothly! It was a lot of work, but your program did save me hours of time with the ISBN retrieval! Thanks!

Julie Vehrs
Calvary Bible Church

ResourceMate is very user friendly for the team members who have no library experience.

Nancy Price
Wrightsboro Baptist Church, Media Center

Thanks for all you and your organization have done for us. You are the best software company I've ever worked with!!!

Renee Transburg
Coulee Christian School

I can’t believe you really did this! Your search reflects a top-drawer library tool. In fact, it has flexible features that are not even found in the top-line commercial products – the big names that cost thousands of dollars to start and thousands more for annual maintenance.

Georgia Quirk
Epiphany Central

We have been a satisfied ResourceMate® user for more than a dozen years. We are very grateful that ResourceMate® has continued to grow over the years to meet its users growing needs. ResourceMate® technical support is superb and we look forward to many great years together.

Heidi Ross
Moncton Wesleyan Family Resource Centre

Thank you for reviewing our data and responding. You really do have a great program. I don't know how I managed without using ResourceMate.

Barb Wightman
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

Let me begin by saying we are 100% satisfied with the ResourceMate® software program and we couldn't be happier in our on-going support relationship with Jaywil. ResourceMate® has been a tremendous help to us in getting and keeping our library organized and up-and-running smoothly. You should also know that we have always been able to reach someone at Jaywil by telephone who has been patient, courteous, and helpful whenever we needed someone for important and timely one-on-one support or when we needed to purchase additional library supplies.

Dennis Davies
Calvary Baptist Church

With ResourceMate® as an organizational tool, I was able to expand our library with new materials. Our pastor has said, 'It has become one of the most well run ministries in the church'. As the library ministry grew and people have been using it more and more, the church increased it's annual budget. Our budget now stands at $1,000 per year. This has enabled us to purchase much more up to date materials. I could not have done this without ResourceMate®.

Julia Milstead
Aldergrove Alliance Church

Thanks for your e-mail about your having reviewed our anniversary data check. I appreciate what you have found and have taken steps to improve our situation. I appreciate the fact that Jaywil does this anniversary review. So much work goes into constructing these big files of data and it is good to know that we are on track and are safeguarding our data. This is a worthwhile service and it is treasured.

Paul Didier
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

In a word, now I don't know what I would do without ResourceMate®.

Judy Silverman
Temple Shalom Library

Thanks for all the time you put in on this (Hosted web search) to make it work for us. The results are just spectacular. The more I use ResourceMate the more impressed I am with the product. The more I interact with the company the more impressed I am with the people working there. All your efforts are truly appreciated.

Van Reading
First Presbyterian Church

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I feel the greatest improvement is the speed of data entry and changing screens. Screen consolidation also helped improve speed with the new version. My library staff love the spell checker or a flag of a misspelled word. The part I love the best is the speed of generating reports. As a result, I feel that the upgrade was a great improvement and worth the investment.

Joanna Posey
ScenicView Academy

The (ResourceMate Essential Plus) home page (dashboard) gives a clear snapshot of what is available and checked out.

I LOVE the Patron Activities area. It switches from one area to the other so easily. I love being able to track the student record, all at one screen.

The RESERVE area is easier.

Being able to search for ITEMS from the grid space above the first entry (auto filter row) is a huge benefit.

I have nothing but good to say about your support staff and always appreciate their help. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Robinson
Immanuel Christian School

I really enjoy the new upgrade!! First, I am always making spelling mistakes and the Spell Check is worth its weight in gold!!!

I enjoy having the "extras"! I enjoy all the report options. I am associated with our College's main Library, I am a separate unit, and they like to know what I have, so I am so glad to have the PDF option. We also list our collection on our website, so the webmaster likes the PDF option also!

I like the option of different coloring for the items index (skins). I like being able to choose which colors to highlight and differentiate each listing.

I do like the Patron Activities and Check In options. In Circulations I enjoy being able to check in or renew so quickly and easily.

I have not yet used the print your own barcodes because I am still using the ones we purchased, but I think having the ability to print new ones or reprint old that were lost or damaged is a wonderful feature. I now have the ability to keep all barcodes current and in use and when the need arises, I am ready for future acquisitions!

I do like the mail out reminders. They are so helpful!

Also...side note...Denise in Support is the best! She has saved my life many times! Shara went the extra mile when I needed a .jpeg of the OPAC icon so I could print signs using that icon for reference for students knowing what icon to look for to search for items! You have great people working for you!! I appreciate them so much!!

Sandi Wheeler
Lansing Community College

The ISBN retrieval feature is great and allows for a much more efficient entry of data, especially now that the National Library of Canada and the British Library have been included.

Kristel Flueren-Hunter
Antigonish Education Centre

I have currently entered approximately 8,000 of 12,000 books in our library. We had the option of paying $3,000 - $5,000 for a library automation program similiar to that used in the public schools in our area, but we chose ResourceMate because of its features. The price difference was actually only a very small factor. Those librarians whom I spoke with regularly complained that their program was ok, but the technical support was very difficult to access. When problems arose, they were 'dead in the water' until the school districts computer tech personnel was available. This has not been my experience at all! As I was fine tuning parts of the program to personalize it to our library needs, I had almost instant assistance from ResourceMate staff. They were able to 'tap into my program' while I was on the phone with them and modify a few items in the Reports Gallery. The time they spent with me on the phone that one day was worth far more than the price I paid for an entire year of technical support.

As to the ease with which one can learn the program - I pulled it out of the box, loaded it onto the computer and began entering books. It was that intuitive! And I am barely computer literate. I taught myself the program by just using it, and also found the 'How Do I' section on the program so easy to access and thorough. Thank you ResourceMate for an incredible program. It has made our first adventure into automation a joy, not a drudgery!

Leslie Kesling
Grace Valley Christian Academy

ResourcMate® is easy to use, well supported, and patron friendly. Having my library automated through ResourceMate® has made my library run smoothly, and efficiently. If I ever have any questions, the support staff at Jaywil Software Dev. Inc. are always there to guide me through any questions I need answered.

Darcy Olson
Jonah Amitnaaq Secondary School

ResourceMate is so easy to use that it only takes a couple of minutes to explain to new volunteers how to enter data, and even the less technologically-savvy feel comfortable helping us with this project.

Heather Jensen
St. John's Lutheran School

Well designed, well implemented, and well supported. I'm the Technology Coordinator for PACT Charter School in Minnesota. We have about 540 students in grades K-12 and we've been operating for over 20 years. We've been using ResourceMate® for at least 14 years and we've found the product to more than meet our needs.

Our school librarian is especially fond of the training videos. She recognizes that she is not a comfortable computer user, but the manual and videos have given her much confidence in using ResourceMate®.

As the technology person I have found the product very easy to support. The manual and help screens explain everything, the program is easy to install and maintain, and the annual support fee is very affordable.

I've never regretted purchasing ResourceMate®. I believe that you'll be happy with it, too.

Guy Winters
PACT Charter School

My nine volunteers have all learned the program, and our 360 students have loved the transition to the up-to-date system! The support is great; I have found the live chats to be very helpful. I would recommend Resourcemate.

Lori Fouss
Tremont Grade School

Children love taking books home. Worlds have been opened up to them and the popular books are already dog-eared from frequent circulation. I wouldn’t have the confidence to allow children to take books home if I didn’t have the confidence to track the circulation of books. ResourceMate® has enabled me to do this. I am always proud to show off our library to prospective new parents and ResourceMate® has contributed to this feeling of pride in what we are able to deliver.

Andrew Walter
Reach International Center of Education, Ethiopia

I absolutely LOVE ResourceMate® and think that the tech support is phenomenal! It is very user-friendly and when I need a question answered, tech support is just around the corner to help out

Sheellah Kennedy
St. Anne School

When I arrived at school last August, the tech people at our school had installed your program on my computer. They had done some research and selected your program as the one to use. We are a small independent charter school and I am a technologically challenged retired teacher who took on the task of starting a library all by myself.

It has been a pleasure to use ResourceMate and to work with your company. I did spend some time on the phone, at the beginning, with your competent staff. They helped me set everything up and get started. I can't believe how easy your program is to use. I know I don't know all the minute details of the program, but we have been up and running and everything is going very smoothly. I know I can call whenever a question arises.

The cost of automating is worth every penny. It is so easy to keep track of everything; book inventory, circulations, patrons. I can't imagine running our library without it.

There is not one thing about the program that I would change.

Fran Polster
Virtual Schoolhouse

ResourceMate is really the librarian's "mate" (Australia-speak for "friend"). It has saved me many hours and my school many dollars.

Bettyann Henderson
Veritas School

We have used Resourcemate in our small, multilevel school for the past few years. This program is by far the most user-friendly, practical, powerful library solution we have come across. The technical support is top-notch, while the fees are not too challenging for small-budget schools.

Warren Wollmann
Willerton School

Today (my hardest day) was the smoothest sailing day I've had with library software all year! Straight forward (all you really have to do is read), easy (even my students said this several times!), and better priced than anything else out there is what I would say if someone asked me for my opinion.

Rene Lee

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Public Libraries

My Assistant library has had a better response to returning overdue books.

I like the extra way of searching (auto filter row) for a specific author, title, patron, etc. with the space above each grid. It works great, quick, and is very easy to use.

Reports that I need are taking less time to accumulate the data and give me the report.

ResourceMate Extended in general responds much faster to my requests. I really do like ResourceMate Extended.

Pamelia Jenks
Oakley Public Library

I hate to sound like a fanatic..but I am. I am so impressed with your software. Congratulations on an exceptional product and a loyal company.

Janine Walters, Director
Center Point Library

ResourceMate is by far the best small library cataloging system in existence and at a much lower cost than anything else out there. And, just as importantly, your Customer Service is FANTASTIC! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nikki J. Isakson
Paw Paw Public Library

I bought the software from Resourcemate after a very difficult and frustrating time with another software that shall go nameless. I tried very hard to work with the software I had inherited when I became the Director of the Allenstown Public Library and then I realized, I should not be having to work hard at making a library software work!

That lightbulb moment lead me to research other library software companies and some looked very good but as a small library on a very limited budget there was no way I could justify the expense of many of the programs I looked into.

I couldn't be more pleased than my experience with Resourcemate in the software itself and the support I have had from their staff over the years. I highly recommend this product for any library.

Cathy Vincevic
Allenstown Public Library

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Retirement Communities

We are elderly folks in a retirement community. We did not grow up with computers so we are especially grateful to find ResourceMate very user friendly. When we need assistance, we get it - promptly, clearly and friendly.

Billy Jones
Cypress Glen Retirement Community Library

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We have found ResourceMate to be an excellent program and has been easy to use by our volunteers. Even those with very limited computer experience have found it easy to learn. We have also been able to easily customize forms for use with some archival collections we have. It has proved to be something we can use to catalogue our collection of Land Records we have for Essex Centre and the Town of Essex so that they are able to search by name as well as property location. The support has been excellent and we are very happy we chose ResourceMate as the software ECHRS is using to catalogue our collection of not only books but archival collections.

Essex and Community Historical Research Society, Essex, ON

I am absolutely delighted with ResourceMate. The program is easy to use, and best of all, customer support is there to help me through my glitches with patience and perseverance.

New Mexico Holocaust/Intolerance Museum Albuquerque, NM

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Government Agencies

Having used ResourceMate for a couple of months, I have become familiar with a number of its features. I would definitely recommend your products to other libraries who are looking for a new automation system.

I am so impressed with how customizable the cataloguing fields are to meet the specific requirements that we had.

With ResourceMate, circulation tasks, serial issue check-in, and multiple copy management is so much faster and easier than with our previous system.

I like how ResourceMate allows me to locate the information I’m looking for several different ways. The unique grid display allows me to compare similar records at the same time, which I couldn’t do with our previous system.

I also like how ResourceMate compares title, copy, and barcode information to make it easier to prevent redundancy and to link the correct records together.

ResourceMate Change Utility makes it so easy to change all of our existing records to our new location code and to clean up inaccuracies in our old records. These changes would have taken days on our previous system.

I am very glad that our department purchased ResourceMate Extended over the companies’ products that we explored for our library. I was also impressed with the training DVDs and found them very convenient and easy to follow for learning the different techniques that can be used to modify information on the system and retrieve information.

Yes, definitely ResourceMate Extended is worth the investment.

Rochelle Boudreau

We have used ResourceMate® to quickly and easily track our Learning Library materials used by our employees. It is very user friendly and the program easily provides reports we can use to determine outstanding loans, frequency of use for books and videos, category lists and much more. We have been very pleased with the program’s functions and its ease of use.

Pamela Matthies
Human Resources Department, City of Colorado Springs

I absolutely LOVE ResourceMate. It is very user-friendly and the tech support is phenomenal! Whenever I need a question answered, they are just around the corner to help out. "A HUNDRED PERCENT EXCELLENT SERVICE AT ALL TIMES"

Fosca Omara
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy

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Non-Profit & Associations

I commend you for having such superb individuals on staff. This is not the first time I have experienced such good customer service at your company.

Gina Matesic
Sheena's Place

We are an overseas theological institution and a week ago had a library consultant come to review and assist us in our library development. Her expertise is working with libraries overseas. She said we made an excellent choice when she saw we were using ResourceMate® as our automated library software. This speaks well of your product. Though we are early in the learning curve, we find it very user friendly and powerful for our library. These were the two major reasons for our selection of ResourceMate®. Please commend your development department and your whole staff for an excellent product.

David Schmid, D. Min.

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While ACS has quite a small library inventory, I have always found ResourceMate to be very user-friendly for our purposes. When I have had problems the technical staff has been very helpful and followed through until we had the issues resolved. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ResourceMate.

Claudia Arne, Human Resources Assistant
Arvig Communication Systems

We have a fairly small library but still need to manage it the way the ‘big guys’ do. I was having trouble finding a product that would give me the tools of a big library but didn't cost a fortune. ResourceMate was the answer. It was easy to configure, is easy to use and maintain, AND it fit my budget - I couldn't ask for anything more!

Jill Olivas, Engineering Associate

I have been a corporate research librarian for 20 years and our churches librarian for 5 years and I found that ResourceMate is the best product for the price for small to larger collections.

I have had experience with various other products for professional libraries costing ten times what ResourceMate costs – add on modules for some products are as much if not more than the initial cost of Resourcemate or Resourcemate Plus. Resourcemate's customer service is excellent.

Bob Osser
St. Paul's United Church

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I think the new ResourceMate is a lot more user friendly and easier to use. Since we already had Resourcemate 3.0, it wasn't a huge investment to upgrade and I definitely think it was worth it.

Melinda McCormick
4C of Southern Indiana Inc.

We want to tell you that we have been most impressed with ResourceMate’s technical and customer service.

We did extensive research before deciding to buy ResourceMate. It was deemed as the best software to produce spine, sign-out, and pockets labels for books in our 50 year old library in our retirement home.

With minimal computer skills and staffed by older volunteers (some in the 90’s), ResourceMate has provided capable assistance to bring our small book collection up to current standards. Your company has shown patience and willingness to go the extra mile for us to end up with a successful project for the 21st century.

R.H. Koehler

ResourceMate®’s remarkable adaptability to the two distinctly different needs of our libraries has encouraged our creativity and allowed us to emphasize in each library the types of services, information, and support needed by our users. We are so grateful to have found this sophisticated but easy-to-use library software at such an amazingly low cost!

Barbara Carey
Enloe Cancer Center & Paradise Genealogical Society

Wow! Talk about swift, rapid, dedicated service – YOU provide it! There are MANY institutions/commercial operations out there who could benefit from some lessons from Jaywil!

Croombe Pensom

I have been using ResourceMate since about 1999. I am very pleased with my ResourceMate investment. My entire library is cataloged; it has been a time consuming endeavor, but well worth it.

Thomas Jefferson had over 6000 books in his library before he sold it to the U.S. Library of Congress. Jefferson would quickly see the value of using ResourceMate to catalog his books. Shortly after he sold his collection he began rebuilding it. He once said, "I cannot live without books." For those of us who feel the same way purchasing ResourceMate is worthy of consideration.

ResourceMate is not just for public libraries. Individuals with private libraries may benefit as well . . . I have.

Michael Phillips

Tech support has been great! Most of the things I have thought of over the months have appeared in automatic updates. Every time I have some uninterrupted time to explore the software (which unfortunately is rare!) I discover more conveniences and tools. Thank you.

Carita Crawford-Keene
Evergreen Cove Holistic Learning Center

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