Installation Instructions for Network Adminstrators

Installing ResourceMate® Multi-User or Patron Search on a Network (3.0 - not the current version)

Note: These instuctions pertain to ResourceMate 3.0 not the Family of Products (latest version)
ResourceMate® can be installed on a shared network drive and run from various stations on the network. These scenarios apply to the installation of the Patron Search Program and Multi-User versions of ResourceMate®.

There are 2 ways this can be installed and configured:

1) Install everything on the shared network drive

This is our recommendation. Choose the first option during the installation process of ResourceMate®. The "resourcemate.exe" file is only about 5mb. The "PatronSearch.exe" file is only about 3mb. ResourceMate® has the capability of automatically downloading updates from the web. With the "exe" file installed on the shared network drive, only one copy of the software has to be updated. You will have to create an icon on all users desktops that will point to resourcemate.exe (or PatronSearch.exe) on the shared network drive.

2) Install the exe locally and the data on the shared network drive

The reason we don't recommend this option is that each locally installed exe file will have to apply updates from the web before they can access the data that has already been accessed by an exe that is more up to date. This configuration becomes more complicated to maintain. If you want to still install this way, do the full install to the local drive (the first option in the install process), then move (don't copy) the data folder to the network drive. The next time ResourceMate® runs it will ask you where the database is now located.

For any additional stations that will be maintaining the database, choose the second option in the install process (ResourceMate program only - data is stored on the network). The next time ResourceMate runs it will ask you where the database is now located.

To install the PatronSearch.exe file on additional stations, choose the third option (Network Patron Search) during the install process.