All About ResourceMate® Extended Network

Ideal for organizations requiring more advanced features like schools and public libraries and where having more than one person maintain the collection is important.

The ResourceMate® Extended Network version has all of the features of the ResourceMate® Extended version with the added feature of being able to have up to 3 people maintaining the collection at a time. (see tabs for details)

  • Great if you need 2-3 people (additional licenses available) maintaining the collection, checking out or checking in
  • Catalog any type of resource
  • Up to 20,000 items – additional increments of 10,000 items can be purchased for $100
  • ISBN retrieval from over 100 sources (registered users with up to date support)
  • Searching & Reporting
  • Retrieve Accelerated Reader information and Scholastic Counts (with up to date support)
  • Establish items that cannot be searched
  • Track pamphlets, flyers, brochures, serials and subscriptions
  • OPAC is a single license – more can be purchased
  • OPAC has book bin and ability to email search results
  • Circulation
  • Easily generate listings by title, author, category, subject as well as overdue listings and spine labels
  • Extensive Help available at the press of a button. Handy "How-Do-I" section.
  • 1 trial month of technical support upon registration (via toll-free number or e-mail).

To compare features of the Family of Products, please click here to view the feature matrix and comparison chart available in our product guides. 

This product is available as a download.
ResourceMate® Extended Network
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