All About Self Circulation Station License

Additional Self Circulation licenses are a low-cost solution to allowing people within your organization to process their own checkouts (and check ins and renew if you wish).  

  • Flexible and customizable features
  • Circulation records that are created with this are indicated as such so you can see what patrons have done
  • There is a separate log to allow you to see the circulation activities patrons have finished

Each installation of ResourceMate® includes a Self Circulation screen.  If you would like to have a second computer set up as a self service station, then you will need to purchase the additional license.

ResourceMate® must be on the shared database sql server in order for Self Circulation to be used on an additional computer. We provide the instructions for moving the database, or we can do this for a $60 installation fee. 

Note: items must be barcoded. Patrons do not have to be barcoded, but we recommend that they are for accuracy. Not available for ResourceMate Lite or Essential.


"Our patrons have been delighted with the simplicity of the new self-check out. It is clear and concise with a larger font and more contrast.  By our choice, they can only check out items, not return or renew. Our patrons find it easy to use, and more patrons are actually using it. As the administrator I found it easy to set up the choices we preferred."

~ Jenner’s Pond Retirement Community Library Committee



Self Circulation Station License
Price: $99.00/ea   Qty: