All About 1,000 Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels - Laminated


Allow approx. 2 weeks production time before labels are shipped

Pre-printed laser bar code labels for ResourceMate® Plus, Extended or Premium

5/8" x 2" Laminated,1,000 labels

Make choices related to this product upon order completion (bar code type, starting number, ending number, etc.)

Bar Code Types
Type 1

The format is "Code 39", 14-digit number, last digit is MOD 10 check digit, 1st digit of all patron numbers is 2, 1st digit of all items is 3.
This bar code would look like this: 3 0000 00000001 X - where X is the MOD 10 check digit.
The second group of numbers (the four 0's) are reserved for your Library ID number. If your organization doesn't have a number, you can use the year the library started, your phone number, or just leave it to 0's.

If you are using Type 1 for Patron and Item bar codes, please keep in mind that the minimum quantity you can order for each is 1000.  For example, you cannot have 300 Patron bar codes, and the remaining 700 for Items.  You have to order a minimum of 1000 for each, Patrons and Items.

Type 2

As well, ResourceMate also supports a 14-digit bar code number with the following restrictions: no check digit; no identifier digit for patrons or items; numbers cannot be duplicated between the patron and items lists--that is, you can't have a patron bar code #123 AND an item barcode #123.
This bar code would look like this: 000001

A good reason to use type 2 is if you only need 300 patron bar codes and 700 item bar codes. 












1,000 Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels - Laminated
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