School Advanced Features & Specs

ResourceMate® Extended Network

The ResourceMate® Extended Network version has all of the features of the ResourceMate® Extended version with the added feature of being able to have up to 3 people maintaining the collection at a time.

More specific features



Searching & Reporting



3 Additional Patron OPAC Licenses

Each installation of ResourceMate® includes the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). It is not necessary to purchase a license for computers that have a full copy of ResourceMate® installed on them.

Your OPAC license can either be used as a per station license or as a simultaneous license. Per station and simultaneous licenses can be intermixed. Simultaneous licenses are great when you have 30 stations that need to search but you know that only 5 or 10 might actually be searching at the same time. You would purchase 5 or 10 licenses instead of 30.

Note: Simultaneous licenses will not guarantee access to running the OPAC, it will depend on demand. For computers that should always have OPAC access, you would indicate that they would be station licenses. This way computers dedicated to OPAC use in the library will always have access. This allows more flexibility in the way that your computers access the OPAC program. The first time the OPAC is run you will indicate if it is a dedicated station or a simultaneous access station.

Additional OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) licenses are a low-cost solution to allowing several people throughout your organization to search the library/collection.

This bundle comes with Three Additional Patron OPAC licenses. Using Patron OPAC ensures that your library users cannot edit or delete your library data; they can only search.

Patron OPAC Features



Makes your library searchable on the web. Add an optional password to restrict your audience. ResourceMate® Web OPAC is a great way to increase the awareness and accessibility of your library!

The ResourceMate® Web OPAC product is Perl CGI code that runs our sample web search. Upon purchase, Jaywil Software will implement the ResourceMate® Web OPAC on your web server. It can be installed on your web site, intranet, etc.

If you don't have a web site you may want to consider one of the many free web space providers on the web.


What do I need to make my library searchable on the web?

You need to have access to web space. As mentioned above, this might be your organization's web site, your internal web (or "intranet") or you may want to consider free web space.

NOTE: You will need to check with your web site administrator to ensure that CGI scripts can be installed and run.

You will need to have at least one e-mail address if you want your users to be able to make borrow requests right from the Web Search results screen.

You can turn this email feature on and off. You can even customize the search field names to better reflect the nature of your collection. You can have up to 14 fields that can be optionally searched or displayed.

If you don't have ResourceMate® but already have your library data in an electronic format, ResourceMate® Web Search reads a tab delimited ASCII file that includes these fields: title, sub-title, series, author, 2nd author, 3rd author, publisher, category, call number, ISBN, subject1, subject2, subject3 and subject4. If you can create this file, the ResourceMate® Web Search will allow you to make this information searchable on the web.


Installation of Web OPAC

Jaywil Software will install ResourceMate® Web OPAC for you on your organization's web site or anywhere else at an accessible http:// style address


Level 1 Training DVD includes:

Level 2 Training DVD includes:

Level 3 Training DVD includes:


1Year Annual Support with Live Chat

Includes continued use of ISBN retrieval, program updates, phone and e-mail support, off-site backup, and Anniversary data check by Jaywil Software as well as the freedom to contact support via live chat.

Where support is up to date, on the anniversary of your registration, you will receive an e-mail with a survey and the opportunity to send your data to Jaywil Software for examination. You will be notified of any concerns about your data so that solutions can be implemented.

Sheet Feed Library Labels (100 sheets)

Label Packages:
1 set per row,
10 sets per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, 100 sheets per pack.
Laser and Inkjet only.

Honeywell 1200G Handsfree laser scanner with stand

Honeywell 1200G Handsfree Laser scanner with stand - USB interface. Available in black and light grey.

Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels – Laminated (1000 labels)

Pre-printed laser bar code labels for ResourceMate® Plus
5/8" x 2" Laminated,1,000 labels

Epson TM88IV Thermal Receipt Printer

Epson T88IV thermal receipt printer - with cutter. Available in dark gray or white.

Thermal Receipt Paper (50 rolls)

Thermal receipt paper - 50 rolls.

Patron Cards (1000)

Teslin Synthetic laminated - tear resistant and waterproof 30 mil glosse/matte, printed colour both sides (your graphics)