Museum Basic Bundle Features & Specs

ResourceMate® Essential Plus

Features Overview


All the features of Essential with important extras like bar coded circulation and printing, processing your list of ISBN’s, MARC import/export, Volunteer Entry, store web link for items or multi media objects and many more. (see tabs for details)

More specific features



Searching & Reporting


Patron OPAC Licenses

One Patron OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue - uses your organization's computer network) license is included with each copy of ResourceMate®. It allows the user to search the actual up-to-the-minute database contents.

Additional station licenses are a low-cost solution to allowing several people throughout your organization to search your collection. This is known as an "OPAC"--Online Public Access Catalogue--and it uses your organization's computer network.

Patron OPAC is an ideal addition to any organization where more than one patron needs to search the database at the same time. Using Patron OPAC ensures that your library users cannot edit or delete your library data; they can only search.


Patron OPAC Features


Level 1 Training DVD includes:

Level 2 Training DVD includes:

Level 3 Training DVD includes:


1 Year Annual Support with Live Chat

Includes continued use of ISBN retrieval, program updates, phone and e-mail support, off-site backup, and Anniversary data check by Jaywil Software as well as the freedom to contact support via live chat.

Where support is up to date, on the anniversary of your registration, you will receive an e-mail with a survey and the opportunity to send your data to Jaywil Software for examination. You will be notified of any concerns about your data so that solutions can be implemented.


Sheet Feed Library Labels (100 sheets)

Label Packages:
1 set per row,
10 sets per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, 100 sheets per pack.
Laser and Inkjet only.