All About Corporate Intermediate

The ResourceMate® Corporate Intermediate Bundle takes your corporate related library to the next level. With it, you have the same features as the basic bundle, but you can now add multiple stations for searching your database. Also this bundle adds the ability to increase your circulation speed and offer a more complex OPAC for your patrons.

The Corporate Intermediate Bundle includes…

  • 1 ResourceMate® Extended  Read More
  • 3 OPAC License - simultaneous   Read More
  • 1 Sheet Feed Labels (100 sheets)  Read More
  • 1 1,000 Spine Label Protectors - 1 1/2" x 2"  Read More
  • 1 Level 1, 2 & 3 Training DVDs  Read More
  • 1 Annual Support for ResourceMate® Extended with Live Chat  Read More
  • 1 1,000 Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels - Laminated  Read More
  • 1 Web OPAC with Daily Data Updates  Read More
  • 1 Install ResourceMate® on your stand alone computer  Read More
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Other bundles not designated specifically for this industry may also be appropriate for your needs.
This product is available as a download.
Price: $1,789.00/ea