New! Amazon Integration

Nov. 28, 2018

Amazon Integration

We've set up a couple of easy ways you can access Amazon right from your ResourceMate program!  This feature is included in our program update released 11/28/2018.  The integration will be set to "active" once the update has been applied. You can deactivate it any at any time by going to the Utilities Menu > Preferences > Amazon, and uncheck the box.

Benefits to You

  • Quickly access from within ResourceMate
  • Easily access information
  • Read reviews and provide feedback
  • Streamline your library purchases

How Does it work?

We've set up two ways you can access

1. Amazon in the Help Tab

Go to the Help Menu > Amazon Links and you will see a list of categories. Choose the category you would like to visit on Amazon and you will be brought directly to that page.

2. Amazon in the Items Screen

Go to Items and click on the Detail tab. You will see a new button called "See it on Amazon."  Click on the button and you will be brought to the Amazon page for that item. You can read reviews, see other items by the author, and more!

Note:  The new integration does not help you catalog or pull any information into your database. It is simply a tool to read reviews and view information on items that are already catalogued in your program.

How do I apply this new feature to my program?

Click here to go to the Update page and follow the instructions on the screen.